Lowrance elite 3x инструкция

If you purchase this pack, you will get, in addition to the fish finder, stored in a vinyl carrying bag:.

This is the best frequency to use when you want the finder to easily distinguish between the fish and any bait that you may be using whilst fishing. Navico has approximately 1, employees globally and distribution in more than countries worldwide. You can choose between viewing the fish as simply curved lines on the display, or choose a fish symbol for simplicity. The 83 khz frequencies has a 60 degree cone of coverage and is good for picking up дриптан инструкция по применению of fish or searching in large areas.

The lowrance elite 3x is great for many budgets and offers many features for the cost, and great lowrance elite 3x инструкция for money.

There is also an alarm feature and you can set different tracking options too. These devices are useful for fishermen as they use sonar signals to detect fish that may be under or around the boat. This is especially useful for murky water and you can easily distinguish between debris and fish when you choose a fish finder.

You should switch to the khz option so view the area around your boat. This modern fish finder is great for those who enjoy fishing in a smaller vessel. The power button also doubles as a backlight control to adjust for daylight or nighttime fishing situations.

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